Tankless Bidet


[INQ. NO. 2304E04] Intertec Co., Ltd. was established in 1999 as a company that possesses core technology for home appliances.
It succeeded in modularizing the patented instantaneous hot water control technology that instantly adjusts the flowing water to the desired temperature without a storage tank. The modularized technology can be continuously used.
Intertec produces the world’s first instantaneous hot water module for water purifiers, instantaneous heating bidet for bidets, and an instant hot water module for hand washers.

Intertec’s tankless bidet KLLOM is a direct water-type instantaneous heating bidet that cleans the washing area in the bathroom with warm water without using tissue paper and then dries it with warm wind.

Energy is consumed instantaneously only when all products are used as an instantaneous heating bidet, which can save up to 63% of energy compared to hot-water bidets. It is very hygienic because there is no need to worry about waste and contaminated water by using direct water without a water storage tank.

Tankless bidet with smart care function
It is possible to wash in a sitz bath at the same temperature for up to five minutes at one time, so pregnant women and people with anal diseases can use it very beneficially. The smart care function allows the bidet to automatically set the warm water temperature, seat temperature, and drying temperature so that even children and the elderly who are not accustomed to temperature control can use it conveniently.

Rhythmic massage improves bowel movement by massaging water pressure and warm water temperature in five stages. When it gets dark, the light automatically illuminates the inside of the toilet bowl, making it convenient to use the bidet.
As for the function for children, the nozzle length, water pressure strength, warm air temperature, etc., are operated according to the child’s body shape and constitution. The attached RF-type touch remote control allows it to be used smoothly and quickly, and the battery life is more than two years on average. The waterproof rating has been raised to IPX5 to enable water cleaning.
Intertec also develops and assembles PCBs with abundant technology. Intertec produces automatic cleaning valves for urinals and hot water mat boilers as OEM/ODM.


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