Security Management Solutions

[INQ. NO. 2209E13] IGLOO Corporation founded in 1999, providing customers with its SIEM solution, SPiDER TM, has been leading the Korea market-share for over 20 years, pioneering and leading the Korea SIEM market. Security monitoring and security consulting services, based on many years of accumulated security experience, are also recording steady sales growth.

IGLOO has introduced various security management solutions and services through continuous R&D investment, expanded R&D investment for AI as a core growth engine, and security management areas including SIEM, CTI, SOAR, vulnerability diagnosis. IGLOO strives continuously to enhance its capacities to satisfy customers’needs.

Integrated security monitoring solution
IGLOO Corporation’s representative solution, SPiDER TM is an integrated security monitoring solution (SIEM-Security Information Event Management) that combines 22 years of security monitoring experience and big data utilization capabilities of IGLOO Corporation.

From the initial detection to log analysis, SPiDER TM increases the agility and efficiency of monitoring tasks and provides visibility across the infrastructure simultaneously.

By collecting and storing all log data in real-time and analyzing it, linked with the latest external threat information such as harmful IPs and malicious URLs, it is possible to detect, block and prevent various threats more quickly and effectively.

IGLOO Corporation provides such flexible license policies (e.g. Perpetual & Subscription), guaranteed technical support, solutions customization upon request and proven by the public sector in Korean domestic market with excellent feedback.

Real-time website monitoring software
WEBMON is real-time website-monitoring software that detects the occurrence of forgery or falsification of the operating website through 24/7 monitoring, which is always exposed to risks, and enables immediate response and reporting through real time monitoring. In addition, it is a solution that maximizes the efficiency of integrated website management that can check flexible detection policies and various detection histories.

Once you deploy WEBMON, you can improve monitoring efficiency with intuitive interface and reinforce analyzing function with many useful options. One of the strongest advantages is WEBMON provides easy analysis by utilizing raw data-based statistical data. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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