Portable EV Charger


[INQ. NO. 2209E12] Enercamp Inc. is a smart energy startup established in 2017. Based on IoT, AI, and ESS charging technologies and expertise, Enercamp has developed smart ESS and Power conversion technology for EV charging.

On-demand EV charging solution
Recently, Enercamp has been coming up with stress-free & hassle-free mobile EV charging solutions with on-demand EV charging.

Enercamp EV is a solution whereby customers can conveniently charge any time and any place when they want. The company is resolving the driving range concerns of EV owners through its mobile EV charging hardware and platform.

Above all, Enercamp EV On-demand EV charging platform enables the connection of customers to its mobile EV charging partners, and gig workers in real time.

It is a portable charger that can be used regardless of location, so you can charge a vehicle conveniently anywhere without access to an EV charger or parking space.

Because of its small size and light weight, you can even put it on the trunk of your car. You can refuel for 18.6 miles in 15 minutes and extend more than 80 miles when needed.

There is no need to install it, so you can reduce the huge infrastructure and maintenance costs.

The main technologies and strengths of Enercamp EV include a mobile EV charger with an exchangeable battery system — easy scalable and seamless service, real-time and on-demand matching EV charging platform, and power boosting system that makes level-3 fast charge possible at home, at your office, etc.

Enercamp is a truly stress-free and hassle-free EV charging solution provider that can provide a thorough EV charging network for EV owners.

EV Achievements
Enercamp launched services at five sharing offices (Wework, Fastfive, etc.), and 85 buildings in Korea. It is providing PoC with an autonomous and taxi platform startup.

Enercamp has secured contracts to supply an EnercampEV Modular EV charging solution worth over US$100, 000 in Aug. 2022. It launched On-demand EV charging service for apartment buildings with its on demand car washing startup.

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