Flexible Visual Signal LED Light


[INQ. NO. 2209E11] Bubo Co., Ltd. was established in 2014 to grow into a domestic safety product company, and through Wadiz funding, the product was stably launched. It has been sold to domestic public institutions/private companies/general consumers, and the first launched ‘BOIDA’ series has secured quality and cost competitiveness through two improvements.

In 2022, the third product in the BOIDA series of light type safety products will be released, and a new product called BANSA with retro-reflective film will be launched. In 2023, Bubo plans to expand its lineup for various light-type personal safety indicators according to customer needs.

Bubo holds three major patents; trademark rights such as BUBO, BOIDA, BANSA; and QUICKBAND both in domestic/overseas markets, and is a professional company with many designs registration certificates.

Under the slogan “your safety first,” Bubo wants to ensure customers return home safely through its products — and live a happy life with family, friends, and colleagues.

Preventing accidents by showing exactly where you are
When you are driving a motorcycle, you are more prone to accidents on dark roads. but the good news is that you can lessen the risks with this exciting new product! Bubo’s led band is a ‘visual signal light’ which can help prevent accidents by showing exactly where you are and make you stand out more. So, always be on-the-go with these LED bands, and you can then drive with utmost confidence.

The omnicube full-cube micropractic retro-reflective film from Avery Denison in the USA and the LED & tube optic technology from Bubo can help protect your safety by constantly recognizing your location to the other party with strong luminance. The retro-reflective film constantly recognizes your location by reflecting the car’s headlights or ambient light even when power is off.

All visual signal led light bands are manufactured 100% in Korea and have passed NRTL, FCC, CE, and Rohs certification. These can be charged with the enclosed 5pin cable and can be used for a minimum of eight up to a maximum of 22 hours in various modes, including solids, fl ash, sparks.

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