Text- and Speech-to-Video Service


[INQ. NO. 2208E25] Wayne Hills Bryant A.I. Co., Ltd. offers T.T.V. (Text-To-Video) service that automatically converts text into digital video content, and S.T.V. (Speech-To-Video) service that converts voice into digital video content.

The content-consumption landscape around the world is changing to video-oriented, and video content consumption is becoming a daily routine for the MZ (Millennial, Generation Z) generation who have been exposed to the digital environment since birth. In addition, when searching for knowledge, it has become more common to use video platforms such as YouTube, rather than existing portals.

The company’s sales focus is on B2B business through collaboration with companies with text such as securities firms, financial firms, global home appliances companies, publishers, and e-Book companies.

T.T.V. as A.I. software, automatically converts texts into digital video content
T.T.V., as A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) software, automatically converts and produces text/voice data into digital video content.

Automatic summary of text data through A.I. machine learning and natural language processing is possible.

T.T.V. is a platform that automatically finds analyzed images, videos, and sound sources by analyzing word keywords in a summary plot and automatically converts them into digital video content according to the story.

Wayne Hills Bryant A.I. is also preparing for B2C business through mobile apps in the second half of 2022.
Wayne Hills Bryant A.I. won the 2022 CES Innovation Award & registered as a Microsoft partner.

In the technical evaluation of the third organization, a “very good” grade, “TI-2”, was evaluated.

Currently, after successfully completing the investment series A (13.2 billion won in investment attraction), it is preparing for series B (18 billion won target).

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