LED Lamps

LED Lamps - Hansung ElcomtecFeaturing high efficiency and long life, the LED lamp has low maintenance cost. LEDs are not only the most energy efficient but also the most natural and comfortable artificial illumination that is similar to sunlight. It provides evenness of illumination with no glare. And with the use of high-frequency power supply, the LEDs have no flicker, thus causing no eye fatigue. Designed for humans’ vision response, the LEDs also provide optimal spectrum fit for the night sight environment. Features like the brightness in the dark and detection of moving objects are much better than any other illuminations. The LED light offers a versatile solution to many applications, including landscape, road and warehouse lighting.


Specifications for HFA 250G90-45LE39 (130/50K)-003 are as follows.
Power consumption: 130W | Output current: Typ.6.3A
Total velocity of light: Typ. 11,000lm | Luminous efficacy: Typ. 85lm/W
Color temperature: Typ. 5,000K | Lighting angle: Typ. 45°
CRI: more than Ra70 | Operating temperature: -20°C~45°C
Storage temperature: -40°C~80°C | Weight: Typ. 2.70Kg
Life time (@25°C): 40,000hr | Base type: E39

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