Remote Lighting Lifter

Remote Lighting Lifter Reel Tech’s flagship remotely-controllable lighting lifter enables the lowering of luminaires, speakers, cameras,fire & smoke detectors, banners and items from the ceiling to the ground electronically via wireless remote control where they can be safely & easily maintained. The product is available in a range of models to suit a variety of applications with lifting capacities ranging from 2kg to 1,000kg.

The benefit of the lifter include savings in both time and money on maintenance, and avoids the costly interruptions associated with equipment such as scaffolding,ladders or cherry pickers, which are typically required to access these items on the ceiling. Growing calls for energy conversation the world overare fuelling the increasing popularity in LED lighting which promises bright prospects for the maker. It has developed commercial and industrial LED lighting with outstanding low energy consumption, five phase dimming control, and more.

As a locally recognized INNO-BIZ company, Reel Tech professionally manufactures lighting equipment. After more than 10 years of intensive efforts, it succeeded in releasing an LED light and remote controlled lifting system. This promising maker has been so far expanding overseas business with reliable partners and also it keeps exploring such avenues to achieve further success.

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