Automotive Headlight Halogen Bulbs

[INQ. NO. 2108E06] Since its establishment in 1993, BIOLIGHT Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing and selling automobile headlight bulbs.
The company is mainly supplying halogen, HID, LED, and general bulbs. Since the establishment of halogen and LED production lines, they are all manufactured domestically.
In addition, the bulb maker is doing OEM deliveries for domestic companies and is also supplying such products to overseas buyers from Europe, the Middle East, Japan, and so forth. The company has acquired global certifications including the E1 Mark, ECE Regulation 37, DOT, etc.
As it is equipped with a number of halogen manufacturing facilities, the light product maker is able to provide products that can meet various customers’ needs.

Automotive Headlight Halogen Bulbs

In particular, the super ultra racing halogen bulb produced by BIOLIGHT is a high-end product that boasts the most powerful and brightest light within the tolerance limits set by ECE Regulation.
Emitting the brightest light within the allowable range of the international specifications, this product provides clear brightness and perfect visibility to prevent risks of accidents that can more easily occur during night driving.
This lighting product provides not only outstanding visibility but also unrivaled longevity compared to other standard products.

Automotive Headlight Halogen Bulbs

Lastly, BIOLIGHT’s halogen bulbs are made of fine quartz glass.
Fine quartz glass is more durable than general glass, thus preventing damage caused by thermal shocks. The fine glass material is also outstanding in blocking UV rays, preventing the lamp’s discoloration. By reducing the refraction rate, it provides night drivers with pleasant driving conditions.
Upgrade your driving environment with the super ultra racing halogen bulb! — a brighter high-end product manufactured for drivers’ safety.

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