LED Products


[INQ. NO. 2210E26] YD International Co., Ltd. is a company that manufactures and sells LED products under the brand name of Monster Light.

All products of the brand ‘Monster Light’ are currently on sale via large-sized distribution channels, such as E-MART TRADERS, HI-MART, ACE HOME and HOT TRACKS, and 100 camping sites. Furthermore, they are also continuously supplied to pubic organizations including police stations, fire stations, and shipyards.

Shoulder warning light, a representative product among the Monster Light, was released on the market as a safety lamp in 2020 for the safety of those working night shifts, and their counterparts.

Featuring a built-in clip, it is simple and easy to attach and detach onto any part. And it can be used in varied and rough working conditions as it is outstanding in terms of durability and waterproof.

Twelve SMD LEDs on the front make it possible to identify something even from 500 meters away. And the independent lamp on the side is able to emit light up to 15 meters like a flashlight, thus freeing both hands.

As the fixed clip is able to rotate 360-degrees, the LED lamp can be mounted onto many different locations and radiate light from various angles. The non-slip pads glued down inside the clip help to stably mount the lamp without damaging the cloth. And the clip tips are tugged out to tightly hold onto any fabric.

Equipped with ultra-light 30.6g 200mAh Lithium ion batteries, this lamp product can be charged through a C-type cable, and be used for up to four hours.

Label stickers like ‘Police,’ ‘Security,’ and so forth can be affixed to display types of duties. The enclosed name card helps identify which lamp belongs to whom.

The durability and convenience have been maximized for police officers, firefighters, security workers, night patrols, night construction workers, shipbuilding workers, port workers, and other night shifts, for universal use.

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