Producing Innovative Products beyond the Housing-Related Field

Established in 2002, EuroHousing Corporation started its by producing bathroom accessories as its representative product. However, since 2004, it has been putt ing its eff orts and investment into various innovative concept products such as aqua bed warmer. Now, its product lines range from Sliding roof and Blackcan, heating system for campers, to Smartcup, water heating cup for vehicles.
EuroHousing Corporation changed its name to Euro Corporation in 2014 as its products were no longer limited to housing products and it wanted to advance into various fi elds. Euro wants to grow as a promising company with each employee coming up with bright ideas and confi dence in its products.

Brilliant Products that Outsmart Even Users

Untitled-16.jpgAqua bed warmer has a water heating system that generates heat by circulating heated water through small hoses inside the pad.
Unlike general electric heating pads that use heating wires, it is safe from electromagnetic waves and fi res. The controller of Aqua bed warmer is a high-end digital controller which has water level sensor, tilt sensor, overheating prevention sensor so that it alarms and stops working in case of any abnormal situation. Also, Aqua bed warmer is more economical than any other general electric heating pads in terms of energy saving.
Blackcan is a heating system that provides comfortable and warm sleep for campers with more than 30 degrees of temperature. The temperature is adjustable from 25 degrees to 45 degrees. As for fuel, it uses butane gas without any electricity, which lasts more than 10 hours with 230g of gas cartridge.

If the main body is tilted more than 45 degrees or tipped over, it automatically shuts off . And it adjusts the temperature of a mat by controlling gas combustion. The whole thing weighs only 2.9kg so it is portable and easy to handle, making it ideal for fi shing and camping.
Smartcup comes very handy whenever hot water is needed for coff ee or ramen. Just by plugging into cigar jack, it can heat up from 20 to 90 degrees. The inner cup is stainless and separable so it is easy to wash. It also keeps water warm with automatic temperature maintenance system. Smartcup weighs only 320g so it is very portable and comes in various colors. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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