High-Frequency Liposuction Device

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1802E12] Established in 2001, Chungwoo Medical is a medical device-specialized company, developing and producing various medical devices with new technology and concepts. All employees of the company are striving with an enterprising spirit and innovative thinking under the management objectives of securing advantages in terms of trust, technology and quality.
Their commitment is toward developing and producing only products that can satisfy the viewpoints of customers. As a result, the company is enjoying good responses and strong trust from customers while exporting to 60 countries overseas as well as selling them in the Korean market.
Chungwoo Medical launched new product APOLEX Tite which is the successor to APOLEX, a high-frequency liposuction device selected as a next-generation world-class product. APOLEX Tite is the latest equipment combined with technology and know-how accumulated by Chungwoo Medical. The elimination of a suction function made it possible to reduce the price and elevated the accessibility of hospitals with liposuction equipment. Its safety was further strengthened through an enhanced temperature control system and an immediate output control function based on impedance.

The special cannula of APOLEX Tite comes in three sizes — 0.8 Ø, 1.0 Ø and 3.0 Ø – so it can be used in both bodies and faces. Its LED changes in three steps depending on conditions. In addition, APOLEX Tite features a probe that can use RET on the labia and whole body and a probe for vaginal tightening, which enables the product to tap into the female healthcare market as well as the liposuction market.


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