Aesthetics Lasers

 [INQ. NO. 2205E07] Lutronic Co., Ltd. is a leader in the medical aesthetics industry at home and abroad that has enhanced practitioner-friendliness and safety features of its devices by installing the ‘Intelligent Care System’ co-developed by researchers from the USA and Korea in its new products including ‘DermaV’ and ‘CoreLevee.’

Medical Device for Vascular Treatment
‘DermaV’ is a medical device for vascular treatment. While conventional vascular treatment devices had limitations in energy uniformity and accuracy, Lutronic has utilized ‘real-time dual calibration’ technology to address such problems related to low accuracy and unstable energy.
In addition, the company has introduced real-time detection technology of skin temperature, while enabling faster treatment involving less pain using its skin cooling technology. Lutronic has also incorporated ‘IntelliPulse’ technology in its DermaV device to reduce side effects while enhancing user satisfaction. Such technology enables the adjustment of vibration (pulse) width to ensure more delicate and safer treatment of vessels situated within the skin layer regardless of their thickness.

Dual Wavelength Long Pulse Laser
DermaV is a 532nm & 1064nm dual wavelength long pulse laser that has integrated all of the strengths of conventional vascular treatment devices. Equipped with IntelliPulse, a type of Intelligent Care technology, the device enables users to adjust the pulse width depending on the depth and thickness of vessels. Moreover, it is equipped with real-time dual calibration technology to address the drawbacks of conventional vascular treatment devices — energy accuracy and uniformity.

Non-invasive Medical Device
‘CoreLevee’ is a non-invasive medical device aimed at alleviating muscle pain through an applicator that uses medical electromagnetic field technology. Adjusting to the user’s lifestyle, it provides four types of programs to activate muscles, and is designed using customized smart technology that enables adjustment of intensity by area starting from soft and low-irritation care. It is a device that enables effective treatment by maximizing user-friendliness as its applicator that enables independent irritation control to tailor more detailed treatment for users.
Its latest product, ‘Hollywood Spectra,’ has gained enhanced recognition after being awarded in the medical aesthetics equipment category of the 2021 Korea Brand Hall of Fame. Hollywood Spectra is a device optimized to uniquely perform the popular Hollywood Laser Peel, which enables practitioners to brighten a patient’s damaged and aging skin complexion. It is a device gaining increasing popularity across the USA, as it has been well received among Hollywood stars and famous celebrities.
Moreover, the company presented wide-ranging globally leading products at KIMES 2022 including ‘Genius’ that delivers precise clinical effects, as well as ‘Clarity 2’ equipped with upgraded functions from its conventional ‘Clarity’ model that enables safe and fast treatment by measuring skin temperature real-time.
A spokesperson for Lutronic explains, “We continue to take great leaps forward toward becoming a total healthcare provider starting at the center of new trends in the post-pandemic beauty ecosystem.” He added that “Lutronic will be establishing a stronger brand power globally by showcasing innovative products aimed at addressing the skin concerns of medical practitioners and patients around the world.”
CEO Hwang Hae-lyung of Lutraonic noted further, “The collaboration with medical practitioners even amid the COVID-19 pandemic based on our ceaseless investment in R&D to materialize the best level of technology has contributed significantly to our product development.” He also stressed that “We will not remain complacent with having a global network across some 60 countries around the world, but will continue to increase its sales workforce, and establish overseas corporations to provide differentiated services that would contribute to enhancing satisfaction of medical practitioners and patients.”
After its founding in 1997, Lutronic has become a leading player in the domestic medical aesthetics laser equipment market with the largest market share (as of 2020). With its differentiated technological competitiveness, it is now being wellreceived by experts in the United States that is leading the global medical aesthetics market trends, and its new product line-ups are raising hopes in the market. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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