AI-powered Medical Imaging Platform & 3D Application Solution

 [INQ. NO. 2205E08] The medical industry is also actively adopting the new metaverse technology to areas ranging from medical education to skills training, surgery, and clinical trials. The metaverse technology is also being utilized in diverse ways to help patients identify medical facilities within hospitals and receive remote medical counseling.
Medical IP, a company specialized in AI-powered medical imaging platforms and 3D application solutions, is garnering attention as a leader in medical metaverse technology by introducing digital twin technology based on a patient’s medical data and commercializing anatomical VR, AR products.

Even before metaverse became a buzzword, Medical IP has been linking medical data with cutting-edge technology including AI, AR, and VR to materialize digital twin technology that can be utilized by many in the medical field, focusing on developing medical solutions that can maximize the usage of medical imaging while contributing to saving the lives of patients and intensifying medical practitioners’ capabilities.
Based on this, Medical IP was able to secure the necessary medical metaverse technology utilizing patients’ anatomical data in the 3D environment.
Medical IP’s metaverse solution was developed by integrating its proprietary medical imaging 3D modeling and AI segmentation technology, CAD/CAM design, and then linking patient’s digital twin data with VR, AR, XR technology.
Using its representative product, ‘MEDIP PRO,’ that has completed MFDS, FDA, CE certification, Medical IP has been enabling 3D modeling of CT, MRI, and other medical imaging data of patients as well as using intensified AI technology to swiftly and accurately divide all types of anatomical structure including organs and lesions.
Based on such source technology, Medical IP was able to process the divided human structure using its own CAD/CAM design to enhance the level of completion, and ultimately using it to materialize the metaverse technology by creating VR, AR anatomical contents.
Medical IP is now accelerating the development and commercialization of core products that can most effectively utilize medical metaverse technology based on patients’ digital twin including areas of ‘medical education,’ ‘surgical navigation,’ and ‘surgical training.’
Lately, Medical IP has completed the 5th round of advancement of its ‘MDBOX,’ a metaverse platform, and has successfully signed supply contract with medical colleges that are seeking practical anatomy education.

MDBOX is a product that has brought delicate human body information into VR space, so that users can experience a high level of practical education without the need to use a cadaver (corpse used to study anatomy). Medical IP has signed contracts for this platform and is in the process of negotiating product supply to numerous medical schools.
Hopes are also high for MEDIP PRO AR, a surgical navigation AR platform that can be used to increase surgical stability. It can allow users to decide surgical routes in an accurate and safe manner by enabling them to check human body structure created with AR technology with the naked eye.
In particular, MEDIP PRO AR recently became Korea’s first surgical guide product linked with metaverse technology to acquire certification by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. Likewise, Medical IP is showing remarkable achievements in the medical metaverse sector.
CEO Park Sang-joon noted, “There have been numerous attempts to integrate VR, AR, and other cutting-edge technology to create metaverse, but there are not many companies that have developed and commercialized products applicable to the actual medical environment as enhancing usefulness in medical education and surgical accuracy through utilizing digital twin technology.”
He also explained, “We will strive to become a top player in the medical metaverse sector by not only diversifying solutions to materialize patients’ medical data in the metaverse environment but also by introducing technology that can lead paradigm changes across the entire medical cycle.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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