High-frequency Hyperthermia Device for Cancer Treatment


 [INQ. NO. 2205E06] Dongseo Medicare, well-known as a supplier to world-class companies including Supersonic Imagine and Bard, has successfully developed Celief, a high-frequency hyperthermia device for cancer treatment with 100% homegrown technology.
Dongseo Medicare showcased its ‘Celief’ portable version (CPB-2000) at the 37th Korea International Medical and Hospital Equipment Show (KIMES 2022).
The name ‘Celief,’ a compound word of ‘Cell’ and ‘Relief,’ implies ‘safe recovery of the cells.’
Just like its name which is intended to also consider patients’ psychological state going beyond treating cancer, the equipment provides mental stability and relief for patients undergoing treatment.
Using the electrical properties of cancer cells, the high-frequency waves from the generator of the high frequency hyperthermia are used to heat up cancer cells to over 42~43°C and kill cancer cells. It is known to have maximized effectiveness when used together with most common treatments of cancer-surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.
The product, in particular, which is garnering attention as the first portable hyperthermia device among those that are equipped with 13.56mhz frequency, is expected to create a sensation within the market as it has not only granted multifaceted functions but also enhanced convenience for both medical professionals and patients.

Easy Treatment-Plan Setting with 15.6-Inch Panel PC
The device is equipped with an all-in-one system using a 15.6-inch panel PC that stores patients’ detailed treatment data. Without the need for a separate operating room, the device enables easy setting of treatment plans while facing patients. Both the users and patients can be prepared for possible emergency situations, while users can use an LED light to check the equipment status and backup data using USB outlets.
Using the electrode auto focusing function, the automatic impedance matching that maximizes treatment effect enhances frequency output stability, while enabling smooth mobility and safe locking to ensure safety and no noise. Based on such features, the device makes it easy to access patients, while enabling easy treatment even for patients with mobility problems.

Six-Way Flexible Movement of 122cm Arm, Providing Optimized Environment
With its one-touch electric movement, the product also enables six-way flexible maneuvering of the head area arm that moves electrodes.
Equipped with sturdy electrode support, it minimizes the pressure on patients, while the joint area of the arm can be fixed to enable electrode movement using both automatic and manual methods. It thus allows for an optimized environment to place the 122cm arm on the affected area. The device is also equipped with a servo motor that automatically releases pressure following the completion of the treatment, while its design enables stable support of the arm and electrode as well as buttons and screw designs to allow efficient changes of electrode.
Compared to its previous design with a waterbed filled with warm water to increase treatment effect by allowing patients to have a relaxed state of mind, the new product has added a sophisticated image based on its compact design. It also comes with two emergency stop functions and a cooling system to prevent skin burn.
In addition, the high frequency hyperthermia IEC 60601-1Edition 3.1 version has been certified for its product safety. This means that the device has been certified for its safety in electro-mechanical safety tests. This version has been subject to extended certification standards including electromagnetic waves, radiation protection, fitness for service, alarm system, environmental design, and ergonomical control device, verifying that it has strengthened certification for safety and essential functions compared to the previous two versions.
Since its establishment in 1995, Dongseo Medicare has been exerting utmost efforts to develop and supply high-quality medical equipment under the company motto of “faith and diligence,” with the aim of promoting a happy and healthy society, “a society that favors people” where everyone’s dignity is respected, as well as “a company that favors people” where all its staff and executives work with pride.

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