Robot Rehabilitation Medical Devices

[INQ. NO. 2110E06] Man&tel Co., Ltd., established in 2000, is the world’s only rehabilitation medical device manufacturer that is coming up with a product roadmap for total rehab solutions ‒ including robot rehabilitation medical devices; rehabilitation medical devices used to rehabilitate arms & legs and cognitive ability; smart exercisers used to maintain weakened muscle strength; and cognitive ability of elderly people; plus other relevant devices.
Man&tel has started developing medical devices into which core technical prowess related with training devices and medical technologies since 2009 and is currently exporting to 16 countries.

3D Balance Training Device (3DBT-12)
Clinical experiments have proven that the three-dimensional balance trainer helps recover balancing ability early by adding vertical training that repeats knee bending and stretching to horizontally body-weight-moving muscle training adopted by almost all relevant products around the world.
The U.S.-patented 3D balance trainer that is the key to balance training and is equipped with the technology for which a patent has been registered in the USA is the core product of Man&tel’s rehabilitation medical devices.

3D Balance Training Device (3DBT-12)

Sliding Balance Training Device (MSBT-10)
The sliding balance trainer is a medical device used to help rehabilitate balance ability by strengthening muscles after performing surgeries on patients with early stroke or with musculoskeletal disorders from legs. And the product’s remedial effect on early rehabilitation has been confirmed through clinical experiments.
In addition, the sliding balance trainer has the advantage of stability while conducting training so that it can be used not only in rehabilitation hospitals but also in senior care centers.
As a medical device that is also the key to balance training, and is equipped with the technology on which a patent has been registered in the USA, this product is the core product of Man&tel’s rehabilitation medical devices.

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