Driver Assisting Device

[INQ. NO. 2110E05] Currently data collection is a hot topic all over the world. How should it be collected? What is the most cost-effective way? And how can an abundant amount be collected?
MAIN INFO is an autonomous vehicle contents/platform company that rapidly adopts new technologies, and integrates new technologies in its products.
MAIN INFO researches and develops driver assistant devices based on motion recognition, holograms, and image processing.
MAIN INFO’s recent prototype device is HOLO NAVI M22, which allows a driver to charge and control a smartphone while driving without having to touch it.
According to surveys, one of the main causes of car accidents is drivers using their smartphones, which is why MAIN INFO aims to help reduce such accidents with this device.
With HOLO NAVI M22, drivers can receive/block calls, send messages control the music app, etc., via hand gesture controls. Users will be able to do this by downloading an app in the Google Play Store, which will connect to the device by Bluetooth.

Driver Assisting Device

This product will be the first of its kind on the market when it is launched, and according to a survey conducted in Pohang, South Korea, it will surpass its competitors in the market immediately as other such products only offer charging features.
What’s more, MAIN INFO is currently engaged in R&D for the next updated feature, which will offer drivers an ADAS alarm function by activating the rear camera when the smartphone is on HOLO NAVI. This will provide enhanced safety features for the drivers and passengers.
Since this feature requires a smartphone camera to analyze the data in front of the user for measuring distance recognizing passengers, objects, lanes, etc., it will open a new way of collecting data from the road in the near future. This is MAIN INFO’s main goal, and the company is collaborating with various institutions around the world to further develop this groundbreaking technology.

Driver Assisting Device

MAIN INFO will be able to create the first standardized program / solution for collecting data on the road, and equipped with this technology, advance into new markets such as autonomous driving programs, metaverse, real estate, 3D HD maps, etc. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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