LED Surface-mounted Edge Light


[INQ. NO. 2110E04] LINET’s LED flat panel light is applied with Samsung Electronics’ LM281B+ (SG) LED package (168 of them) to secure quality and stability at the same time.
The product that LINET has directly designed and produced is outstanding in removing heat of the frame and is applied with a connector manufactured by WAGO, a German company, to stabilized module cross-connections. It is also applied with KS-certified converters.
LINET’s LED surface-mounted edge light is powered on and lights up the space instantly after the switch is turned on. When comparing with general fluorescent lamps, you can feel a marked difference in terms of efficiency. LED surface-mounted edge light is an energy-efficient product as it consumes a small amount of electricity.
Unlike previous products, LINET’s flat-panel lighting system emits light through a light guide plate by placing LED lights on the edges. And it provides an optimal luminance environment by lowering the dazzling phenomenon and evenly spreading light. This product is officially KS-certified by the Korean Standards Association, guaranteeing the quality of materials and manufacturing management.

LED Surface-mounted Edge Light

In addition, this product meets the energy-consumption efficiency standards set by the Korean government, and has acquired certification as a high-efficiency energy device. Moreover, the company has also obtained the certificate of environmental label from Korea’s Ministry of Environment to prove that it is able to manufacture eco-friendly products.

LED Surface-mounted Edge Light

As the product is directly manufactured at a plant located in Gongju, Chungnam, South Korea, it is reliable, especially having a two-year quality guarantee.

LED Surface-mounted Edge Light

This product is suitable for any places such as homes, offices, commercial shops, etc., and is sealed to block insects or other harmful bugs from getting in. The thickness of 24mm makes the space look wider and higher for one to make better use of the space.
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