Wall-mounted Air Purifier


[INQ. NO. 2110E03] Since its establishment in 1993, DK Corporation, a professional consumer electronics company with the motto of “Inspiration of Fresh Life,” is a partner of Samsung Electronics and is recognized for its product technology and quality. After about 30 years of accumulating proven technology, the DK wall-mounted air purifier was developed with the know-how of DK Corporation, the largest producer of wall-mounted air purifiers in Korea.
This wall-mounted type of air purifier applies a suction method and a pre-circulation method through four sides based on the upper air purification differentiated from the existing stand-type air purifier.
With the wall-mounted feature, this product ensures efficient use and stability of the interior space. Most of the air purifiers released on the market cause a waste of living space due to being of the stand type. This signature product of DK Corporation is also way ahead of the products of other companies.

Wall-mounted Air Purifier

In addition, through the four-stage air cleaning solution, it is possible to remove fine dust and ultrafine particles floating in the air, as well as ensuring sterilization and deodorization. Above all, the pre-filter removes large dust particles floating in the air. This pre-filter is washable, and thereby being easy to manage. Next, the composite filter deodorizes and removes fine dust particles.
Moreover, the photocatalyst filter removes volatile organic compounds containing harmful substances such as various harmful bacteria, causing respiratory diseases, etc., thereby providing an optimal clean environment.
In addition, it is possible to check the indoor air condition and gas-pollution level through the display window installed in the main body. The air volume can be adjusted from 1 to 4 levels, and a quiet mode has been developed for those who are sensitive to sound. This product is a multipurpose product available for home and multi-use facilities.

Wall-mounted Air Purifier

Currently, DK’s products have been recognized for their excellence, and have been supplied to kindergartens and schools nationwide, and have supplied more than 50K units. DK is continuously increasing its supply. As a result of this, DK has been selected as “Brand K,” the co-brand of Korea, and the purchase of its air purifiers for the offices of government agencies continues to increase.

Wall-mounted Air Purifier

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