Hive Controller

[INQ. NO. 2110E02] Since its founding in 2016, DAESUNG has researched and developed beekeeping products under the brand of SMARTHIVE.
With 13 developers, the company is designing instruments and circuits and developing programs and webs at its own research institute. And technologies developed by the company are being tested at the company’s own apiary and other bee farms.
DAESUNG’s hive controller SMARTHIVE automatically performs the process of taking out and removing bees from a hive, which is the hardest part, instead of manually by people.
Unlike rival or existing products that are used to simply remove and take out bees, SMARTHIVE is further upgraded to automatically hand over a hive full of honey with a simple touch of a button.

Hive Controller

DAESUNG’s SMARTHIVE is designed to be light and versatile for application to all hive types.
DAESUNG considers as important the convenience of the weight of equipment used by experts, so we made the whole body of the device of aluminum to reduce the weight by 30% compared with other products manufactured by its rivals ‒ thus minimizing the burden arising from extracting honey from some 100~200 hives.

Hive Controller

DAESUNG aims to develop and provide completely unmanned beekeeping systems starting with SMARTHIVE.
By developing and converging technologies related with automatic management, extracting honey, controlling conditions and so forth, DAESUNG is planning to show automatic systems used for optimizing the environment to nurture bees.
This is achieved by automatizing the extraction of byproducts from beekeeping without human workers being directly involved in apiary activities. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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