Patient Monitor

[INQ. NO. 2010E15] A patient monitor is a medical device to help medical workers by measuring vital signs of a patient such as ECG, SPO2, NIBP, TEMP, IBP, and so forth, and displaying the relevant parameters and numeric values on a monitor.
At present, VOTEM’s product lineups are a modular-type patient-monitoring system of VM15(15’’) and pre-configured-type patient-monitoring systems of VP1200(12.1’’), VP1000(10.4’’) and VP700(7’’).
Each of the products is provided with a module developed through VOTEM’s own technology and can be upgraded to MASIMO SPO2 and SUNTECH NIBP as an option. In addition, each of them can be integrated with RESPIRONICS ETCO2 and MASIMO MULTI-GAS MODULE to meet the varied needs of medical workers.

As for VP700, VOTEM provides minus options for a user to omit unnecessary functions and to purchase it at more rational prices.
At the same time, the company is enhancing the convenience for medical workers with a central monitoring system of VC2000 (1BED, 4BEDS, 9BEDS, 16BEDS, 32BEDS) that enables them to check all monitors installed around a hospital in one place, and a smart care system that enables them to see vital signs of patients through their mobile phones or tablets at any place and in real time.
VOTEM, established in 2007, is growing based on technologies it has developed and exports to nations around the world including those in Asia, Europe, Africa, the USA, Latin America, the Middle East, etc. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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