Smart Air Circulator

[INQ. NO. 2305E29] CUCKOO Electronics America, known for its popular and reliable rice cookers, has recently added a new air circulator to its home appliance line, which also includes several innovative air purifiers. CUCKOO’s new 360° air circulator fan ‘CF-AC1410WH’ may look like your ordinary, gentle fan, but inside that innocuous exterior is a powerfully smart and customizable air circulator with high efficiency and low noise.

NEW 360° air circulator fan perfect for summer cooling
This smart CF-AC1410WH operates in five wind modes (normal, sleep, eco, natural, and turbo). You can customize the air movement based on your preference, and also adjust the horizontal and vertical position of the fan. In eco mode, the blade speed adjusts automatically based on the surrounding temperature to reduce energy consumption.
The 14-inch seven-lobed wing cuts through the air finely, and creates a soft wind, resulting in less noise. The noise level of CF-AC1410WH is about 20dB per level, which is lower than a whisper.
You can also program the timer from 30 minutes to 12 hours, on the fan or using your remote control, just in time for high summer temperatures.
Weighing just 9.5 pounds including the adapter, it has dimensions of 15.4(W) × 14.8(D) × 39.4(H) inches.
Originally launched as Sungkwang Electronics in 1978, CUCKOO rebranded in 1998, reintroducing itself with a new line of innovative rice cookers. It quickly became South Korea’s #1 rice cooker, but it was not known only for its rice cookers. CUCKOO has led the Korean domestic market with its creative technology, unique designs, and high quality for over 40 years.
In recent years, CUCKOO has expanded to China, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and most recently, to the United States, and Canada. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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