LS Cable & System, Completed Asia’s Largest Factory Exclusive for HVDC Submarine Cables

LS Cable & System recently announced that it has completed construction of the only factory in Korea and the largest in Asia for high-voltage direct current (HVDC) submarine cables in Donghae-city, Gangwondo.
Construction began in July 2021, and about KRW 190 billion was invested. It has a total floor area of 34,816m2 (about 10,532 pyeong), including a high-rise production tower (VCV tower: vertical continuous extrusion system) with a height of 172m.
A spokesperson for the company said, “The HVDC projects worth KRW trillions are being promoted mainly in Europe, largely due to the carbon neutral policy. We have been preparing to expand our business through preemptive investments such as plant expansion and the acquisition of kt Submarine.”

LS Cable & System built Korea’s first submarine cable plant in Donghae in 2008 and has invested about KRW 700 billion to strengthen its submarine business capabilities. In addition, with its recent acquisition of shares in kt submarine, expectations are growing not only for cable supply but also for the expansion of construction projects.

The CEO of LS Cable & System said, “The completion of this HVDC factory will be an accelerator for growth in the era of energy transition and the rising trend of the electric power industry. We will contribute to the development of the power industry as well as strengthening national competitiveness through the establishment of an efficient energy network.”
LS Cable & System, established in 1962, has been contributing to building power grids and communication networks first in Korea and then in countries all over the world by developing, producing and providing cables and related solutions used in daily life and throughout many industries.
Furthermore, the company set the stage for industrial and economic development by capitalizing on its innovative technology to supply various special industrial cables and industrial materials. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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