Filter Press & Filter Cloth & Filter Plate & Air Hybrid Unit[INQ. NO. 1908M02] Blu tec is a globally specialized water treatment company that started its business based on three major principles – honesty, challenge, and innovation.
As a globally competitive water treatment company, it pledges to its potential global customers to become respected as a reliable company based on customers’ satisfaction; it will do its best with swift A/S in order to resolve any difficulties experienced by customers in using its products; and it will give the highest level of satisfaction by introducing the optimal products with lower prices according to each customer’s needs.
Blu tec developed an eco-friendly filter press that requires no electricity and thus increases convenience and safety for customers. It directly managed to produce and do trial runs for various sizes of filter presses such as laboratory filter press, high-capacity filter press, etc.
Blu tec plans to lead the movement for supplying clear and clean water by supplying various sizes of filter cloths. By commercializing air hybrid unit, the company will apply them to hydraulic machinery, thereby saving energy and increasing customers’ safety and convenience.
Blu tec can supply and install pumps with accurate designs according to customers’ requests. Blu tec will reward its valued customers by contributing to a cleaner planet. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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