Electric Instant Water Heater

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1908E11] RAONICS Co., Ltd. produces and sells heating products including an electric instant water heater by using a TCM heating element that can heat up to more than 500°Cwithin seconds.
The TCM heating technology is a patented technology and once received the presidential award at a competition in Korea for promoting a creative economy as a venture company in 2015.
The company’s electric instant water heater has approximately six percent higher heating-efficiency than a conventional metal heating element. By using the TCM heating element, the electric instant water heater can always provide clean warm water without rust caused by oxidation and corrosion. Also this can swiftly provide warm water within only five seconds after starting the operation for heating water, and it thus can minimize the power consumption.
And as the TCM heating element is shaped like a glass-tube, it is not exposed to the danger of oxidation and corrosion, and thus no maintenance costs are involved. This heating element’s lifespan is semi-permanent as it delivers a regular level of heating-efficiency, not affected by corrosion. All of its products are now being manufactured, based on the TCM heating element.

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