3D Contents

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1908E10] GODAM’s ghost town is an implemented 3D content that enables users to enjoy high immersion when watching contents. The company uses 3D sound effects that give one a realistic sound experience. The jump square element, which is staged according to scene conditions, will stimulate the five senses that create a greater sense of fear.

VR Adventure Game
‘1053’ is a VR adventure game in which the player needs to escape from the room. The player needs to get into the haunted house and then find a clue and solve each quest. One has to get the key to escape and get out of the haunted house.

GODAM Inc. is a company that strongly believes in producing and distributing contents reflecting the latest trends of VR, which will cause it to be formed as a notable VR culture leader in the near future. This company possesses the versatile potentiality and capability to grow the VR market by developing innovative contents and rapidly developing IT hardware.

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