Special Purpose Vehicles

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1908M03] WOOLIM ENGINEERING Co., Ltd. is a global company with significant experience in exporting various parts, equipments of upper part, and complete vehicles such as Fire Pump Truck, Aircraft Refueler, and Rescue Truck to overseas markets.
Fire Pump Trucks (5 ~ 20 ton) are designed to extinguish fire. The maximum capacity for water tank and foam tank, according to truck models, can be fixed. Each model has high-performance with high-pressure pumps and tarpaulins.
Rescue Trucks (5 ~ 8.5 ton) are equipped with several proper rescue equipment for lifesavings in disaster area. These trucks can each be fitted with various types of equipment according to the specifications ordered by customers.
Aircraft Refuelers (2.5 ~ 25 ton) are trucks designed for refueling aircrafts. These trucks can be manufactured in a separate type suitable for various major functions including refueling, lift system, hose reels, etc. All of its products are being manufactured based on NEPA standard and are equipped with safety systems including interlocking brake, emergency point on refueling system, etc.
WOOLIM ENGINEERING aims to become a specialized company in the fields it is currently engaged in by pursuing continuous innovation, customer satisfaction, and perpetual challenge.

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