Trellis[INQ. NO. 1908M05] CUBIZEN is engaged in designing, producing and selling of small-sized agricultural materials that help farmers conveniently cultivate crops, based on its experience in the agricultural field.
While the existing ordinary trellis needs to be additionally installed and replaced depending on the crop’s growth (width and height), CUBIZEN’s trellis can easily be adjusted in width and height. Once it is installed, the user can adjust it conveniently according to the growth of a certain crop, with no necessity for further installment or replacement of the trellis. Acccordingly, this trellis is especially recommended for farmers to grow perennial berry crops such as blueberry, aronia, blackcurrants, etc.
Usually farmers use a simple structure made by themselves that they need in farming by taking advantage of pipes, with the necessity of certain equipment and workmanship for handling clamp or joint which is used for connecting pipes. This product, however, allows farmers to conveniently connect pipes together for the structure they want. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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