Recycling Waste Cutter[INQ. NO. 1908M06] TOV KOREA, as an exclusive manufacturer and exporter of hydraulic attachments for excavators, started its business with production of ZHB hydraulic breakers in 2002. With initiating of development and production of recycling waste cutters in 2016, TOV KOREA changed its name to the current name, pursuing a new take off.
The company’s recycling waste cutter was developed for the 1st stage of the comminution of recycling large wastes and can be attached to all kinds of excavators. The cutter enables the complete 1st comminution of the needed large-sized wastes, regardless of shapes. More than ten times of output is approximately guaranteed compared to the existing similar kinds of products. The 360-degree hydraulic rotating cutter is designed with an emphasis on how to decrease worker’s fatigue while ensuring a certain level of efficiency and safety.
Moreover, the cutter has a significantly low-level of incidence of AS, has easily replaceable consumable parts, and has unrivalled high-durability over other products. The cutter shows high-performance in cutting rollers, large-sized wasted-tires, films, vinyls, wasted nets, etc. in a shorter operating time than other products. It is expected that the companies engaged in collecting and transporting of wastes will certainly see significant increased productivity by utilizing this innovative product. TOV KOREA hopes to grow into a bigger company with consistent sharing of the fruits of its growth with its valued partner companies. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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