Gas Timers[INQ. NO. 1907E20] General Technology was established in 2002 with a slogan, “Keep Our Home Safe from Gas Risks” and has been professionally manufacturing gas timers since then. These gas timers are products designed and manufactured with an innovative function that automatically stops the flow of gas when gas needs to be turned off.
These gas timers are easy to use. And the company’s gas timer as a brand acquired global certifications such as ISO 9001, Chinese CQC, and European CE. And it obtained a safety certification from the Korea Gas Corporation.
New specifications are added to the gas timers: gas valves are turned off automatically when temperature exceeds 70 degrees for over three minutes; a back light is applied in order to help the user to check it in the dark; and voice function is supported to inform the status of the gas timer by voice.
These gas timers are strongly recommended for some unique cases: for the home in which users often experience burning food completely after forgetting to turn the gas off while sleeping, receiving calls, or watching TV; also useful for people who had an experience of returning to their own homes because of their concerns about whether they had turned off the gas or not; and for the homes occupied by young children, the elderly, or weak. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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