Cushion Type Mobile Phone Holder[INQ. NO. 1708E20] AHQLab’s WIMO” is a lightweight and soft mount that is made of sweat material that sets it apart from the existing rigid plastic mount. It is equipped with NFC sensor technology and it is a simple application that can take advantage of various features of the desired mobile phone by touching and raising.
WIMO is a pyramid of 12cm * 11.2cm * 9.5cm high. WIMO is a cushion-type mobile phone holder made of suede. It is lighter than a rigid and uncomfortable holder, and has no residue when installed. In addition, when installed in a vehicle, a car cradle acts as a risk factor to a person when a car accident occurs.
You can use the function that always needs to be operated when the cell phone is mounted with the NFC chip, and the application which should always be used (Navi Application) by touch. You can download the dedicated APP “WIMO” from the Google Play Store on your Android phone and recognize the NFC chip.
The existing car perfume is not free to install, but if you do not fix it during the braking, you will hear the sound, but this product can open the rear zipper and insert the replacement type perfume so you can feel the incense you want.
If you have become obsessed with long-time use, you can use it as a new product permanently with a simple water wash.

After establishing the company in 2015, AHQLab has grown into a company specializing in the development of motion control sensor modules, sports wearable sensors, and smartphone application development. In 2017, AHQLab has developed and manufactured its own “WIMO” products and started B2C business. As one of the second growth engines, AHQLab plans to launch apps for leisure apps (smartphone apps + accessories). | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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