More Convenience and Happiness in Daily Life with Lifestyle Brand REDBEAN[INQ. NO. 1708E19] REDBEAN Corp. was founded under the “Maximizing Optimal Effective Value Project,” for overcoming inconveniences that consumers usually experience in daily life. REDBEAN has achieved more than 800% growth rate annually, and is a rapidly growing corporation which accomplished US$44.5 mil. in accumulated sales by the second quarter of 2017.
REDBEAN Corp’s flagship brand is “REDBEAN,” which is effective for eliminating toxins and wastes accumulated in the blood, helping to reduce swelling. REDBEAN maximizes value for consumers such as diversification of choice, reasonable price, better quality and so forth, by simplifying and optimizing overall sales processes with hands-on experience.
Before launching REDBEAN’s products, REDBEAN works in the field in person participating in the whole process from analyzing consumers, to product design and customer service, directly and indirectly. By attending domestic and foreign exhibitions, REDBEAN keeps up with consumer demands by discovering new products and founding various factories and related accounts.
REDBEAN researches and improves issues where consumers experience inconvenience in daily life, without ignoring anything. REDBEAN spares no investment in R&D for the products that meet customers’ individual needs and various patterns of consumption, even though it does not correspond to Pareto’s Law.
REDBEAN aims to provide consumers with optimal effective value through its respective products and has its own high brand value, as well as, various products lined up such as REDBEAN MAGENTIC SINGLE,” “REDBEAN MAGNETIC SCREEN PROTECTOR,” and so forth.


Charge your device with just one hand, within one second, enough for charging & data transferring of most smart devices(Magnetic Duo)

Magnetic duo is differentiated from previous inconvenient charging methods. With strong magnetic force that is superior to other companies’ magnetic cables, it has a detachable fast and efficient charging cable, so consumers can charge their devices easily. As it is compatible with most smart devices (Android, iPhone, Type-C), consumers can reduce expenses by purchasing the connector, instead of buying each charging cable separately, which is compatible with their devices. REDBEAN cable is the last cable consumers will ever need to buy. With its tangle-free anti winding nylon cable, it is very durable. Furthermore, consumers do not need to buy additional cable due to damage of the cable.
REDBEAN aims to enhance convenience for consumers, and through testing several lengths in daily life, the company concluded that 1.2M is the prefect length for freely using while charging. (In the near future, the maker will release 1.8M, and 0.2M length cable). Furthermore, as it features LED light consumers can easily identify whether it is charged, under various situations such as while driving or in dark places.
In this way, REDBEAN’s efforts to pursue innovation constantly are aimed at enhancing customer value, such as the “noiseless charging wireless REDBEAN mouse.”


Enjoy more convenience with the eco-friendly noiseless charging wireless REDBEAN mouse

With the eco-friendly REDBEAN mouse, customer can focus on their work in quiet public areas such as cafeterias, libraries, and so on. Without replacing a disposable battery, customer can always charge REDBEAN mouse with the Android Charging cable anytime and anywhere, as it adapts an internal battery.
With a three-minute charge, consumers can use the device all day. Once consumers charge it just one time, they can use it for two months. As it doesn’t use disposable batteries that are harmful to the environment, it is eco-friendly.
Moreover, consumers can reduce the inconvenience and cost of replacing disposable batteries, periodically. Moreover, for increasing duration of the consumer’s usage and minimizing charging time, it features three modes of sleep mode – save mode, auto on-off mode, and deep sleep mode.
Regarding MAGENETIC DUO, and REDBEAN MOUSE, they are due for release through various channels such as social media commerce stores and fancy malls, department stores, and duty free shops at airports, as well as via its official website ((, after official launching at “Makers with KAKAO.” Prior to this, REDBEAN mouse is scheduled for pre-release at KITAS 2017. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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