More Convenience and Happiness in Daily Life with Lifestyle Brand REDBEAN[INQ. NO. 1708E19] REDBEAN Corp. was founded under the “Maximizing Optimal Effective Value Project,” for overcoming inconveniences that consumers usually experience in daily life. REDBEAN has achieved more than 800% growth rate annually, and is a rapidly growing corporation which accomplished US$44.5 mil. in accumulated sales by the second quarter of 2017.
REDBEAN Corp’s flagship brand is “REDBEAN,” which is effective for eliminating toxins and wastes accumulated in the blood, helping to reduce swelling. REDBEAN maximizes value for consumers such as diversification of choice, reasonable price, better quality and so forth, by simplifying and optimizing overall sales processes with hands-on experience.
Before launching REDBEAN’s products, REDBEAN works in the field in person participating in the whole process from analyzing consumers, to product design and customer service, directly and indirectly. By attending domestic and foreign exhibitions, REDBEAN keeps up with consumer demands by discovering new products and founding various factories and related accounts.
REDBEAN researches and improves issues where consumers experience inconvenience in daily life, without ignoring anything. REDBEAN spares no investment in R&D for the products that meet customers’ individual needs and various patterns of consumption, even though it does not correspond to Pareto’s Law.
REDBEAN aims to provide consumers with optimal effective value through its respective products and has its own high brand value, as well as, various products lined up such as REDBEAN MAGENTIC SINGLE,” “REDBEAN MAGNETIC SCREEN PROTECTOR,” and so forth.


Charge your device with just one hand, within one second, enough for charging & data transferring of most smart devices(Magnetic Duo)

Magnetic duo is differentiated from previous inconvenient charging methods. With strong magnetic force that is superior to other companies’ magnetic cables, it has a detachable fast and efficient charging cable, so consumers can charge their devices easily. As it is compatible with most smart devices (Android, iPhone, Type-C), consumers can reduce expenses by purchasing the connector, instead of buying each charging cable separately, which is compatible with their devices. REDBEAN cable is the last cable consumers will ever need to buy. With its tangle-free anti winding nylon cable, it is very durable. Furthermore, consumers do not need to buy additional cable due to damage of the cable.
REDBEAN aims to enhance convenience for consumers, and through testing several lengths in daily life, the company concluded that 1.2M is the prefect length for freely using while charging. (In the near future, the maker will release 1.8M, and 0.2M length cable). Furthermore, as it features LED light consumers can easily identify whether it is charged, under various situations such as while driving or in dark places.
In this way, REDBEAN’s efforts to pursue innovation constantly are aimed at enhancing customer value, such as the “noiseless charging wireless REDBEAN mouse.”


Enjoy more convenience with the eco-friendly noiseless charging wireless REDBEAN mouse

With the eco-friendly REDBEAN mouse, customer can focus on their work in quiet public areas such as cafeterias, libraries, and so on. Without replacing a disposable battery, customer can always charge REDBEAN mouse with the Android Charging cable anytime and anywhere, as it adapts an internal battery.
With a three-minute charge, consumers can use the device all day. Once consumers charge it just one time, they can use it for two months. As it doesn’t use disposable batteries that are harmful to the environment, it is eco-friendly.
Moreover, consumers can reduce the inconvenience and cost of replacing disposable batteries, periodically. Moreover, for increasing duration of the consumer’s usage and minimizing charging time, it features three modes of sleep mode – save mode, auto on-off mode, and deep sleep mode.
Regarding MAGENETIC DUO, and REDBEAN MOUSE, they are due for release through various channels such as social media commerce stores and fancy malls, department stores, and duty free shops at airports, as well as via its official website ((, after official launching at “Makers with KAKAO.” Prior to this, REDBEAN mouse is scheduled for pre-release at KITAS 2017. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Clean-up robot [INQ. NO. 1612E06] Yujin Robot’s highly competitive cleanup robot iClebo Smart (self-mapping navigation version) automatically generates a map for your home by continuously taking photos of the ceiling and the walls while it cleans.

With this map, it can decide for itself what parts of your home have not yet been cleaned and will know when it has done the job.

Armed with more than 20 detection sensors, iclebo Smart can avoid collisions with the wall or the furniture and abort dangerous situations such as falling down stairs. With these, it can also switch between modes that allow it to avoid (mopping mode) or climb (climbing mode) carpets/ rugs up to 13mm in height.
201612ee_page_20_03It will also look after itself.201612ee_page_20_11
Using its map of your home, it will always return to its starting location for recharging once it has fi nished the job. Even bett er, if it has run out of batt eries before it has fi nished the job, it will return to home base, recharge, and then continue from where it left off as if there were no interruption in service.

And there is also another highly competitive product for this company to broaden its global presence, which is called “iRobi Q.” This is a content customizable intelligence service robot based on network, and it was developed to help the robot service business provide network or local service solution to kids and senior people.

This supplier also provides s service development kit (SDK) including robot application interface, script editor, 3D simulator and etc. which leads programmer and fl ash developer to cultivate service content appropriate in a country or business fi eld. Especially iRobi Q is based on Window XP so that content can be easily converted to robot content with robot’s motion and facial expression. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Golf Simulator [INQ. NO. 1610E11] MSGolf which has been developed along with the growth of the Korean screen golf industry, has always paid attention to customers’ feedback and requests and has actively applied them to new products to meet customers’ needs. In addition, with its passion, the company has made as much effort to develop new products as its affection for golf.
Myeongseung Golf’ golf simulator was named the official simulator for the international golf championship Presidents Cup 2015. Its distance measuring device and golf program are recognized by many golfers for accuracy and the realistic simulation of the golf ball’s impact. Its full HD 3-D graphics vividly capture the actual golf course, allowing golfers to enjoy realistic golf experiences in a new golf source of their own.
MSGolf will continue conducting research and development until the screen golf industry reaches the globe as a culture beyond an industry.
201610e-87_03 | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Exporting Electric Double Layer Capacitors Worldwide

Korchip Corporation develops and produces electric double-layer capacitors (EDLS or supercapacitors). The company supplies EDLCs for international and domestic customers including Korean global manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Hyundai, etc. Korchip possesses all the core EDLC technologies varying from electrodes and electrolytes to various packages.

The company has experienced steady growth in recent years based upon strong technical backgrounds. Strong new demands for EDLCs are rising from various applications including automotive, renewable energy, etc. Korchip has strong marketing channels almost globally, especially in the countries where the manufacturing industry is prospering, such as China, Germany, India, etc. Korchip plans to start special marketing activities for the emerging smart-grid market with its main products.


Features of EDLC, Especially STARCAPKorchip’s Own Supercapacitor

201610eEDLC is the future green-energy storage device, which can hold more than one million times of the capacitance of regular capacitors. EDLC is able to be variously applied.

Less than 1F grade EDLC backs up the data and maintains RTC (Real-Time Clock) built in the circuit as an auxiliary power system when a power supply of the application such as mobile phones, MP3 players, audio and VCR is stopped.

Many 10F~100F and thousands of F- grade EDLC are being used in large hybrid cars, UPS, EMU, copier requiring an instant high power. EDLC is also being gradually expanded to power unit like solar, wind and environmentfriendly renewable energy resources as an essential component.

Korchip produces various types of EDLCs with its registered brand STARCAP including coin type and radial type. The STARCAP EDLC is widely ranging from 0.022F to 1,500F with 2.3V~5.5V of rated voltages. EDLC is a relatively new energy storage device. It has been used as back-up power source for some RTCs, or memory on electronic circuits.

EDLCs can supply big power within a short time and repeatedly. Compared with batt eries, it is environmentally safe and has longer life. With these advantages, EDLCs are being selected as an assistant energy storage device in pitch systems of wind turbines. Electric vehicles, cold cranking power source for trucks or sedans, car DVRs and in many other new applications.

A new STARCAP EDLC product to be used for the electric pen was released. This EDLC is as thin as about 04.0mm. By the slim form factor, capacitor’s resistance is very low and suitable for various applications that are required for high output current. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods


[INQ. NO. 1512E11] Founded in 1959 as Daehan Phonographic Needle Factory, Cresyn began making headphones in 1985 and is now one of the largest headphone manufacturers in the world. The company designs and manufactures headphones for a range of well-known brands. It also markets headphones under its own Cresyn brand and owns upmarket headphone specialist Phiaton.

Earphones headphone brand was established in 2002; it is the top-selling headphone brand in South Korea and is expanding rapidly worldwide. Cresyn specializes in high-value headphones featuring proprietary technologies across a wide range of styles, all punching well above their weight in terms of design, sound and build quality.

Cresyn’s latest earphone model of C450S is now gaining high popularity on a global-scale with many impressive features. The energetic and exquisite design is visually applied for the model. The 10mm driver units are newly designed for more bass boosting and very realistic sound. The flat cable design minimizes cable tangling. Answering phone calls easily is possible without users having to remove the earphones. Double injection ear tips are available for easy change and beauty. Optionally eye-catching colorful packages are available. Global buyers from China, Russia, and Ukraine are commanding the role ratio in boosting the company’s export volume. Cresyn’s recent intensive efforts toward pioneering new productive markets are mostly focused on markets of Germany, France, and Spain. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Android-based media player

[INQ. NO. 1512E06] Valueplus has been continuously growing with such cutting-edge products as smart TV boxes, storage devices, mobile phone test equipment, etc. since it was established in 2000. has the nation first released Android-based media player “TizzBird” that became hot items among advanced countries’ customers upon being unveiled. Valueplus is providing valuable products& services to consumers in the sector of smart multi-media players & storage devices. Valueplus mission is to keep supplying value-added products to end users for better their entertainment life.

Valueplus’s unremitted creative efforts for sharing the value of its products with as many consumers and business partners as possible to create exciting & interesting entertainment life are underway. The world’s first Android-based multimedia player ‘Tizzbird’ is a valuable smart TV box with powerful multi-media playback functions. TizzBird makes users’ digital TV into a smart TV that can enrich & entertain their lives. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Clean-up robot

[INQ. NO. 1512E02] Yujin Robot’s highly competitive cleanup robot iClebo Smart (self-mapping navigation version) automatically generates a map for your home by continuously taking photos of the ceiling and the walls while it cleans. With this map, it can decide for itself what parts of your home have not yet been cleaned and will know when it has done the job.
Armed with more than 20 detection sensors, iclebo Smart can avoid collisions with the wall or the furniture and abort dangerous situations such as falling down stairs. With
these, it can also switch between modes that allow it to avoid (mopping mode) or climb (climbing mode) carpets/ rugs up to 13mm in height.

It will also look after itself. Using its map of your home, it will always return to its
starting location for recharging once it has finished the job. Even better, if it has run out of batteries before it has fi nished the job, it will return to home base, recharge, and then continue from where it left off as if there were no interruption in service.
And there is also another highly competitive product for this company to broaden its global presence, which is called “iRobi Q.” This is a content customizable intelligence service robot based on network, and it was developed to help the robot service business provide network or local service solution to kids and senior people.
This supplier also provides s service development kit (SDK) including robot application interface, script editor, 3D simulator and etc. which leads programmer and flash developer to cultivate service content appropriate in a country or business field. Especially iRobi Q is based on Window XP so that content can be easily converted to robot
content with robot’s motion and facial expression. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Remote wattmeter

[INQ. NO. 1511E13] ECOSENSE was established in 2005. It is now actively involved in responding to climate changes at home and abroad. It possesses expertise in reducing greenhouse gases emitted by companies and local governments and is taking the lead in complying with the government’s policy of greenhouse gas energy target management. has developed a remote wattmeter that can identify electrical energy consumption and manage carbon emissions in real-time. Now, it also holds devices to monitor gasoline, gas, temperature, and humidity. In 2012, it has also developed a “multi real-time energy/carbon emissions monitoring system” to measure energy and carbon emissions of large-scale buildings, factories, and apartment complexes.

Remote-wattmeterThe company’s wattmeter range is installable without having to shut down the power supply of the entire building, which can save time and reduce construction costs. The device can also be reinstalled upon site relocation. The wireless communication between energy consumption wattmeter and senders can reduce costs by over 50% and save time.

In case of the multi-type wattmeter, it measures threephase 16 points and single-phase 48 points. It was officially recognized as the first of its kind in Korea. The ECOSENSE energy monitoring device, with its easy compatibility and installation, is not only affordable but also guarantees safety of communication. Indonesia is its current best nation; it recently signed an MOU with MOSCADS). Backed by growing popularity in the nation, ECOSENSE further hopes to export its competitive items to Europe, America, and Canada. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Encapsulation technology-applied lithiumion batteries

[INQ. NO. 1511E12] Routejade is the first company in the industry to have produced coin-type Lithium Ion batteries commercially (PD) and tiny pouch type batteries (FLPB). Recently, Routejade launched a new line-up for odd shape batteries named as ASDB (Asymmetric Design Batteries) to meet various design requirements from customers. With fully automated production line and advanced technology, Routejade has been recognized as a reputable manufacturer of Lithium Ion batteries.
Encapsulation-technology-applied-lithiumion minimized the possibility of an internal short circuit and concerns of other safety issues with patented Encapsulation technology. Encapsulation technology improved internal alignment of cells, which is the key to the safety and reliability of cells.

Routejade provides higher capacity batteries through constant technological innovation. In some cases, our batteries show higher energy density than competitors’ by about 20%. With this advantage, we can contribute to minimize IT or Wearable devices.

Routejade can manufacture various shapes of batteries (From Coin type to Polygonal shape, D-shape, Donut shape, Curved and thin cells, etc). Routejade’s batteries can be easily and perfectly tailored to fit any shape of devices. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Infusion pump & syringe pump

[INQ. NO. 1511E08] Daiwha’s Infusion and Syringe Pumps are used for continuous infusion of drugs in general wards, ICU or CCU. They can also be sued for infusion of anesthetics or anticancer agents., they have compact design that considers the safety of the patients, and also include software that can create an infusion set list. For our vertical models, you can choose fro, either a single or dual channel.

The Electro Surgical Unit is a multipurpose system that can be used in all operating rooms for applications in general surgery, gynecology, dermatology, endoscopy, vascular surgery, urology, as well as for many other surgical applications.

Infusion-pump-&-syringe-pumpDaiwha Corporation, Ltd. was founded in 1979, and it specializes in manufacturing infusion pumps, electrosurgical units, and aesthetic equipment (DAVINCIDOULES), which are being exported to more than 70 countries, focusing on the life of our patients the most, Daiwha has tried to serve our customers with a better medical environment since its inception. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods