High-frequency Thermal Treatment Device for Cancer


[INQ. NO. 2303E01] Union Medical’s high-frequency thermal treatment device for
cancer under the brand name ‘NEOTHERMOS’ is a type of body temperature
evaluation system that can estimate deep heat.
It selectively kills cancer cells while protecting normal cells with excellent
technology of 13.56MHz, 600W, high-frequency RF generator. Weighing 620kg,
it has dimensions of 270 x 112 x 155cm

Pneumatic Jet System
The pneumatic jet system manufactured by Union Medical called AIRJET II uses high
pneumatic JET injection technology to instantly inject drugs into the target layer
through pneumatic and exclusive nozzles without using needles. Weighing 40kg, it has
dimensions of 400 x 520 x 1,140mm.

CO2 Surgical Laser
CO2 surgical laser COTO30 provides safe laser treatment by reducing the loss of
normal tissues with precise and fine beam size, safe output, and uniform energy
irradiation. It ensures wavelengths of 10,600nm. Weighing only 26kg, it has dimensions
of 338 X 300 X 855mm.

1450nm Diode Laser
Union Medical’s 1450nm diode laser, NEOBEAM, equipped with DCD, a skin-cooling
device, is designed to protect the skin surface during treatment, and provides efficiency
and convenience during treatment through various lens sizes and toning modes. It
features wavelengths of 1,450nm. Weighing 46kg, it has dimensions of 400 x 500 x

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