AI Technology for Nutrition Measurement and Recognition

[INQ. NO. 2303E02] doinglab Corp. plans to showcase its AI technology, Food Lens, by participating in the 38th KIMES 2023.
Food Lens is AI technology for measuring and recognizing nutritional components of food, and about 40 domestic companies are using it. Nutritional management is essential not only for
diet but also for the prevention and treatment of various diseases.
FoodLens technology for measuring and recognizing nutritional
components allows anyone to easily record meals, calculate calories,
obtain nutritional information, and recognize global foods simply by
taking a photo without searching for food names. In addition, it can be
applied to various areas that require diet records such as healthcare,
hospitals, insurance, and finance.

FoodLens SDK can be easily applied to all services using the provided user interface. The information provided by
FoodLens offers various types of information according to the needs of customers, such as the amount of exercise and the amount of intake; the amount of intake and blood sugar; and intake nutrients and recommended foods. In addition, it is a differentiated technology that can be linked to wearable devices such as smartphones, tablets, and smart watches, so it is possible to check and manage dietary trends anytime, anywhere. doinglab aims to develop artificial intelligence technology that makes people healthier. doinglab developed and successfully commercialized FoodLens technology, the world’s best food recognition solution, and is currently growing rapidly by expanding its scope to various healthcare platforms including nutrition management solutions. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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