KIMES 2023

The largest medical equipment and hospital equipment exhibition in Korea to showcase the future of the
convergence medical industry

The 38th KIMES 2023 will be held at COEX in Seoul for four days on
March 23 to 26 under the theme of ‘Better Life, Better Future.’
For this year’s exhibition, about 1,300 domestic and foreign companies
will exhibit and introduce about 35,000 products, including advanced
medical equipment, hospital facilities, medical information systems,
healthcare & rehabilitation equipment, and medical-related products.
Going through the COVID-19 pandemic, Korean-made medical
equipment is attracting global attention as it is recognized for its clear
competitiveness as the next-generation growth-engine industry in Korea.
At this year’s KIMES, various medical equipment-related companies
such as convergence medical equipment producers, big tech, and startups
will participate to provide more abundant attractions to ultimately advance overseas in the post-COVID-19 era.
In addition, it will be held as the largest medical device exhibition in Korea, reflecting the latest trends in the high-tech
medical industry that are attracting attention in the global medical market — such as digital healthcare, robots, AI, wearables,

and sleep tech — thus encompassing the entire medical industry.
This exhibition provides an opportunity to get insights into the evolving medical industry at a glance,
with representative companies from domestic and foreign medical industries participating.
In the field of imaging diagnosis equipment, global companies such as Samsung Electronics, DK Medical
Systems, Listem, LG Electronics, SG Healthcare, DRGEM, DRTECH, Genoray, GE Healthcare, and Philips, are scheduled to participate.

In the healthcare field, InBody and SELVASHealthcare will participate, and in the medical
information-related area, BIT Computer, UBcare,CENACLESOFT will participate.
In addition, MedicomteK 2023 (Medical Device Parts& Materials Technology Exhibition) will be held
concurrently, reflecting the growing interest in advanced parts and materials as the medical industry
expands with convergence technology. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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