Transcutaneous Pain Relief Electrical Stimulation Equipment


[INQ. NO. 2303E03] Mediver Inc. has developed Pain Block, a transcutaneous pain relief electrical stimulation device that treats pain non-surgically without injections or drugs using state-of-the-art neuroscience medical technology that is safe for the human body, and has secured intellectual property rights.
Pain Block applies new medical technology that transmits painless signals
that are harmless to the human body generated by the soft yet strong output of the equipment itself to the brain through electrodes attached around the pain area, and through which the patient perceives the pain signals as painless.
It can be used for patients who suffer from chronic pain, intractable pain,
acute pain after surgery and trauma, neuropathic pain, and for patients who suffer from the controlling of pain due to resistance to narcotic analgesics. Once a patient uses this equipment ten times for two weeks without relying on surgery or drug, they can confirm or feel the reduced level of pain.
Mediver developed this product with the goal of alleviating the social burden of time and cost caused by reliance on surgery or drugs for the treatment of chronic, intractable, neuropathy, etc. in the aging era with equipment introduced with new technology.

Personal Pain Treatment Equipment

Mediver, based on the clinical results of the PainBlock equipment proven in more than 200 hospitals in
Korea, released the so-called personal pain treatmentequipment ‘Pain Care’ with an aim to help patients
with pain who have difficulty in visiting a hospital dueto distance or transport problems.
In addition, Mediver launched a lineup of complexbeauty equipment that can realize cross ultrasound,
focused ultrasound, and high frequency, which require technical skills, at the end of last year, and is receiving positive responses from overseas beauty-product buyers. Mediver intends to become a leader in the medical and beauty markets through continuously launching new products that meet the needs of the beauty market, rather than being limited to the medical market. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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