Ultrasound Scanner


[INQ. NO. 2303E04] Since COVID-19, as demand for quick-and-
easy treatment anytime, anywhere has increased worldwide,
the market for wireless ultrasound diagnostic devices has also
grown rapidly.
Existing wireless ultrasound products had limitations in providing various types of transducers, but Bionet provides eight types of transducers so that customers can choose according to their circumstances.
‘sonoMe’ is one of the products to be showcased at KIMES 2023 by Bionet. It can easily connect wirelessly in Wi-Fi settings even in an environment without Internet, enabling quick and convenient ultrasound scanning in various environments and situations. There are eight models such as Dual Head, Linear, High-frequency Linear, and Convex types, so you can choose a transducer that fits your clinical needs and purposes.
It shows high-quality images comparable to cart-type ultrasound images by clearly dividing image boundaries with a maximum of 192 element beam former. With always reliable images, it helps medical staff to accurately diagnose and determine the direction of treatment.

Mediver, based on the clinical results of the PainBlock equipment proven in more than 200 hospitals in
Korea, released the so-called personal pain treatmentequipment ‘Pain Care’ with an aim to help patients with pain who have difficulty in visiting a hospital dueto distance or transport problems.
In addition, Mediver launched a lineup of complexbeauty equipment that can realize cross ultrasound,
focused ultrasound, and high frequency, which requiretechnical skills, at the end of last year, and is receiving positive responses from overseas beauty-product buyers. Mediver intends to become a leader in the medical and beauty markets through continuously launching new products that meet the needs of the beauty market, rather than being limited to the medical market.

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