3D ToF (Depth) Camera


[INQ. NO. 2302E06] A time-of-fl ight 3D depth camera employs time-of-fl ight techniques to obtain the distance and depth data by measuring the round-trip time of light.
The ToF camera manufactured by MEERECOMPANY Inc. emits light through a light source in the camera and receives the light which is refl ected by the object. The camera measures the time for each point of the image and measures the distance and depth information of the object.
The 3D ToF (Depth) cameras can be used in various fi elds of industry. For instance, the company’s cameras are used in the robotics industry for object and obstacle detection. They are also used in the security industry for facial recognition and people counting. Furthermore, logistics companies employ the cameras for volume measurements. The industries where the cameras are applied are increasing day by day. S100D is a compact 3D ToF camera, which can detect up to four meters with FoV of 60˚ x 45˚. The camera features True VGA in 30fps. Compared to QVGA, it has more
pixels and improves the accuracy. The camera also contains a companion chip, which helps reduce the burden of the processor. So, the chip enables the user to operate it even in low-end environments.

S110D is derived from the S100D model. What sets it apart from S100D is the wider FoV of 90˚ x 68˚. It specializes in the wider FoV.
MEERECOMPANY introduced its new 3D ToF Camera model, the I200 model. Most 3D ToF cameras are vulnerable in environments exposed to sunlight. However, this new model shows robust performance in sunlight and has excellent 3D sensing performance, capable of detecting long distances from 5 meters indoors to 7 meters outdoors.

Introducing newly developed RGB-D mapping technology and a new lineup of Cube Eye
MEERECOMPANY recently introduced at CES 2023 its newly developed RGB-D mapping technology, and a new lineup of Cube Eye that maintains performance even in sunlight.
In the technology zone of the company, fi rstly the I200 model, the next-generation 3D ToF camera model, showed excellent performance of sunlight robustness & long range. Secondly, as a composite model equipped with RGB+3D depth sensing function, it introduced a model that can improve patt ern recognition or object detection algorithms through data fusion that accurately combines high-resolution 2D images with 3D ToF depth data. Thirdly, it introduced the wide FoV (Field of View) function that can show a wider and more enlarged area. And, fourthly, the current true VGA resolution product of 3D ToF camera provides sharper and clearer images, and has proven to have excellent performance compared to other competitor products.
A spokesperson of the company explained, “Retail companies as well as global companies that are engaged in security, logistics, robots, and electric vehicles showed interest in the new products, and we secured many potential customers who hope to cooperate with us. We will advance further as a partner of global leading companies for 3D-sensing modules through continuously strengthening our technological competitiveness and sales capabilities at home and abroad.”

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