Eco-Friendly SES Smart Water Meter

[INQ. NO. 2209E19] ShinDongA Electronics Co., Ltd. is the first Korean manufacturer to produce fluid vibration electronic water meters and is taking the lead in making 21st-century smart meters based on outstanding performance of its own brand, the ‘SES water meter.’

Unlike the previous mechanical water meter that detects flows through the internal impeller’s rotation, the manufacturer’s SES smart water meter measures flows through the Coanda Effect: fluid vibration electronic system.

As there is no separate driving part inside, the smart water meter has relative advantages in improving durability degradation caused by component wear and tear, and increasing measurement accuracy and is safer as there is no degradation in comparison with the mechanical water meter.

There is a stark difference when looking at the material used for the new product. While the existing product is made of brass (low-leaded/unleaded) from which a certain amount of harmful substances are emitted, the SES water meter is an eco-friendly product that does not generate harmful substances such as lead, zinc and formaldehyde as it uses Polyketone that is an engineering plastic material developed by Hyosung Chemical.

Moreover, the water meter is equipped with NB-IoT, Bluetooth and LoRa modules, making it unnecessary to attach additional devices, and comes in a compact size for anyone to easily install even in a narrow space.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure and Automatic Meter Reading
Such modules work together to transmit flow data that is collected through wireless AMI/AMR methods and saved in the server. And the data can be checked through the website and mobile application to immediately uncover any abnormalities.

As the mobile application is divided for managers/officers and users, a user is able to directly ascertain the amount consumed in his/her home. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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