Tinnitus Care Solutions


[INQ. NO. 2209E18] MIJ Co., Ltd., a digital health company established in 2016, devoted to hearing-loss management and tinnitus care solutions. The tinnitus solution is a combination of software and hardware.

MIJ is leading toward the global market by developing the tinnitus care and tinnitus prevention, hearing health management platform.
The comprehensive solution for tinnitus and hearing healthcare developed by MIJ combines both hardware and software.

Bone-conduction headset exclusive for tinnitus care (ETEREO TC²)
ETEREO TC2 is a bone-conduction headset designed to treat tinnitus, it features a world-first design with a vibrator behind the ear to perform sound treatment without disturbing daily life for long duration.

Unlike other treatments, the company’s mixing-point sound therapy applied in app and bone-conduction headset double up the efficacy of treatment in contrast to in-ear phone.

Considering the characteristics of tinnitus patients, the product was designed, and it thus performs tinnitus sound therapy without disturbing daily life for long duration. It offers the widest selection of tinnitus frequency base bands for therapy, the oscillator’s broadband playback with frequency extension between 100Hz to 10kHz bandwidth (previous 200Hz-7000Hz).

Personalized tinnitus treatment service (Care4Ear)
Care4Ear provides a personalized tinnitus treatment service based on precise hearing and tinnitus tests.
Patented mixing-point level maintenance algorithm automatically adjusts the intensity of care sound sources.

It helps individuals maximize the treatment effect by encouraging therapy, communicate while caring, monitoring, and protecting hearing health.

MIJ’s tinnitus care solution has been recognized once again at international level for its for its excellence in technology with CES 2022 Innovation Awards.

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