Advanced Chemical Agent for Semiconductor Manufacturing

[INQ. NO. 2212E21] Established in 2000, ENF Technology specializes in the production of electronic materials and fine chemicals. The company has become a pioneer in the electronic materials industry by developing technologies and tackling new challenges through business diversification and constant R&D.

As a result, ENF Technology has achieved remarkable sales growth and are preparing for the next leap.

Based on distinctive technologies in the field of electronic materials, ENF Technology’s market share in process chemicals, fine chemicals, and color pastes is also growing fast.

Expanding its business in new areas, ENF Technology has been striving to become a leader in the global electronic materials market. To cope with the expanding demand of the semiconductor market in the US, ENF Technology established a new plant in Kyle, TX in 2021.

Ultra-pure Ammonia Hydroxide(NH4OH) for cutting-edge semiconductor manufacturing process
ENF Technology manufactures the highest purity ammonia hydroxide in the world. Ammonia solution is an essential agent used in the cleaning and etching process in the semiconductors industry.

The new plant in Kyle, TX is equipped with cutting-edge manufacturing facilities including best-in-class quality analysis and management systems to provide reliable supply and consistent product quality.

To meet and exceed the ever-increasing purity requirements for next-generation semiconductor technology, ENF Technology is capable of analyzing the material at the level of 1 PPT metal levels, manufacturing the highest-quality de-ionized water (DIW), and controlling 0.1 µm particles by applying the hyperfine filters to manufacture ultra-pure ammonia hydroxide.

Stripper (Cu PERR)
ENF Kyle plant manufactures a stripper that mainly removes the residue from the Cu-etching stage in the semiconductor manufacturing process.

ENF Technology was able to manufacture and distribute the stripper solution (which was developed by its R&D at the headquarters) from its plant in Texas, based on the formulation, additives application, and purification technologies. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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