Air Purifier

Newly-Upgraded Air Purifier ‘Mam2’ to be Released on the Market
[INQ. NO. 2111E02] AIWANATECH Co., Ltd. is preparing to release Mam2, a newly-upgraded air purifier. This upgraded air purifier has acquired certification from FCC in the USA, as well as CE in Europe, PSE in Japan and ECAS in the UAE ‒ in order to advance into the global market.
Unlike previous products that require the use of costly exclusive filters, this air-cleaning product can be used in car air conditioner filters guaranteed by many global brands including 3M, Bosch, Hyundai MOBIS, Bullsone, etc., enhancing accessibility and cost-effectiveness for a user to easily and conveniently purchase anywhere.
As for the motor, one of the core components of an air purifier, the company has applied the BLDC motor used for Samsung Electronics’ premium home appliances to secure quality reliability. This motor not only has strong cleaning effect, but is also low-noise so as not to interrupt one’s reading or sleeping when in SLEEP mode.

Air Purifier

Efficient in Creating Luxurious Interior Design
Mam2 looks natural in any space and is also efficient in creating luxurious interior design. As it can be used in any indoor space, it is possible to utilize this product in various ways such as for cleaning air, removing odors, etc., in a number of places including one’s own space, small rooms, kitchens, dressing rooms, studios and small offices.

Compatibility with Global Brand Filters to Increase Reliability and Cost-Effectiveness
“Since not only the exclusive filter but also car air conditioner filters provided and guaranteed by a number of global brands can be used, Mam2 is the most cost-efficient product that is able to manage fine dust in our ordinary lives for the protection of your health and that of your family,” explained a spokesperson for the company.

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