Physical Therapy Equipment

[INQ. NO. 2111E01] DMC is a reliable company founded in 1997. Currently, DMC has a full line-up of products consisting of 12 items, including electroacupuncture, ultrasound, interfering wave, low-frequency wave, neuromuscular therapy devices, and traction device. DMC is a comprehensive physical therapy equipment maker that develops next-generation imaging equipment.
The treatment areas of DMC’s main products are physical therapy, and the technologies they adopt are: ultrahigh frequency, (the orthopedics equipment that engages) mechanical element, low frequency, medium frequency, high frequency, ultrasonic wave, cryogenic, and focused ultrasonic wave (in vitro shock wave).

PIEZO-Di2 (In-vitro shockwave)
In-vitro shockwave treatment is a musculoskeletal pain treatment that reduces pain, promotes blood circulation, and improves symptoms by delivering shock wave energy to the areas of pain from outside the body to relieve tension and atrophy of muscles. It also promotes the regenerative effects of the surrounding tissues.
The intensity of shockwaves can be adjusted, allowing customized treatment according to the patient’s degree of pain and symptoms.

IEZO-Di2 (In-vitro shockwave)

CRYO-WELL (Medical cryotherapy equipment)
Medical cryotherapy equipment is a medical device that rapidly lowers the temperature of the affected area through sublimation of -78°C liquefied Co2 gas sprayed onto the affected area. The rapid lowering of temperature causes a high-strength reaction to the skin nerve receptors, resulting in pain relief and edema reduction.
DMC currently has a variety of physical therapy equipment.
BIOTRON-DX, one of the low-frequency stimulators, is a high-end, two-person device that integrates ICT and TENS in one piece of equipment.
MICROWAVE DT-02, one of the ultra-short wave stimulators, is highly durable digital type deep heat treatment equipment that boasts of the highest level of safety.

CRYO-WELL (Medical cryotherapy equipment)

The angle of the head of the LASER DR-12, one of the laser devices, can be easily adjusted, and its output is the strongest of its kind. The LASER DR-12 is equipped with a 20mW SCAN LASER and a two-stage multi-joint swing arm. Its horizontal minimum distance is 200 m/m, maximum distance is 630 m/m, and it can rotate by a radius of 300° and tilt up and down by 50°.
Accordingly, the beam may be irradiated to the upper body, such as the shoulder and the jaw joint, from any direction while the patient is sitting on the chair. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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