Five Ways to Enjoy Seoul Forest

Seoul Forest, located in the middle of the metropolis, is a natural space where you can enjoy the charms of both a forest and the Hangang River. Originally the royal hunting grounds during the Joseon period, the land was used for a golf course and horse race track before being converted into the current park in 2005. The park offers many ways to enjoy a relaxing time here through all four seasons!

Seoul Forest is beautiful in all four seasons, with cherry blossoms and tulips in spring, hydrangeas and poppies in summer, and cosmos in fall!
The most popular photo spots during spring and summer are the Metasequoia road, and area around the lake in the park.

Enjoy a picnic
On nice days, a picnic in the park is perfect! Just pick a tree to spread out your picnic map to enjoy a relaxing afternoon in Seoul’s central park.

Five Ways to Enjoy Seoul Forest

Go for a bike ride
The fastest way to get around Seoul Forest is by renting Ddareungi, a public bike rental offered by Seoul Metropolitan Government. You can even ride all the way to the nearby Hangang Park if you want!

Five Ways to Enjoy Seoul Forest

Relax in a cafe
The first thing you’ll see upon exiting Seoul Forest Station on the Suin-Bundang Line are blue shipping containers! These big boxes make up UNDER STAND AVENUE, a popular attraction around Seoul Forest. The containers have been converted into all kinds of shops, from cafés to design products and even clothing. The street space often serves as the venue for concerts by indie bands.
Another great place to go for coffee in the area is Seongsu-dong Café Street. The area is filled with famous coffee shops, from Korea’s first Blue Bottle Coffee to Center Coffee and Halff Coffee, operated by skilled baristas.

Five Ways to Enjoy Seoul Forest

Hike up Eungbongsan Mountain
Located just a short walk from Seoul Forest, Eungbongsan Mountain is the perfect place to look out over the Hangang River and downtown Seoul. Despite its name, Eungbongsan is more of a hill than a mountain, making for an easy trek up. The mountain is most popular in spring, when the slopes seem to glow with bright yellow forsythia.

Five Ways to Enjoy Seoul Forest

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