Radar Sensors


[INQ. NO. 2110E25] Radar is a detection system that uses radio waves to determine the distance, angle or velocity of objects. Previously radar was used mainly for military purposes, but nowadays it is being used in many sectors of industry. It is now recognized as one of the core future technologies in building smart cities ‒ as confirmed by electro-technology professor Kim Gyeong-tae of Pohang University of Science and Technology, who says that everybody will have their own radar in the future.
Established in 2011, IUPLUS INC. is a South Korean company that boasts unrivaled technologies in the fields of communication and radar sensor. The company made its strong presence in this field by developing a smart radar sensor that captured keen attention in the industry circles.
Radar emits electric waves toward the target and receives a radio signal sent back, from which it obtains the distance and the information of the target by calculating the time taken. In this radar sensing, analog technology is very important. If the digital technology processes and analyzes the signals to translate them for the desired purpose, analogue technology is essential for reducing or extending the distance. IUPLUS is excellent in this regard as it features these original analog technologies.

Radar Sensors

Radar Test System
The company’s Radar Test System (RTS), in particular, can measure the performance of various radar signals, from tens of meters to hundreds of meters, by realizing virtual distance and virtual speed (Doppler Effect). Radar is a device whose performance is very difficult to measure. For this reason, only a few companies in the USA, Japan, and Germany have obtained related technologies. In this respect, IUPLUS’s development of RTS is highly praiseworthy for its 100% localization.
RTS is currently being applied to the mass-production line of a golf swing machine manufacturer, while completing a field test of Hyundai Mobis for application to its production lines of radar sensor loaded vehicles. A spokesperson for the company explained that IUPLUS is the only company in the nation that can provide radar sensor supply and quality warranty at the same time.

Radar Sensors

Vital Radar Module, Aegis, Aegis-M, Eyedar
Based on these accumulated technologies, IUPLUS is making and supplying various products including: Vital Radar Module, Aegis, Aegis-M, Eyedar, Level Gauge, 4G/5G surge protector applicable to security, smart home, speed/distance measurement, vital sign monitoring, 3D radar, and RTS.
RTS is set to be installed in 800 substations nationwide managed by the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO). RTS detects even a delicate movement of a leaf and analyzes it with AI algorithm to prevent possible malfunctions. Basically, radar has relatively less malfunction rate than heat detection-based security systems, and it also scans wider areas. Because it uses radio wave, it works regardless of adverse weather conditions like heavy rain, snow, and fog.

Expanding to Various Areas Where Radar Sensors Have Advantages – Especially the Health Sector
Choi Doo-hun, CEO of the company explained,
“I think radar will be more closely used in our daily life in the future. Samsung is planning to load a radar sensor in new smartphone models, and the areas of application are widening fast ‒ even to beds and massage chairs. Also notable is that the commonly used PIR sensor seems to start shifting to radar sensor for it senses the cardiac impulse and breathing of the resident, and can thus check the health status of the patient in real time.
He went on to say, “In fact, IUPLUS’s innovative smart sensors monitor the breathing of a person 5 meters apart, and have excellent price competitiveness thanks to the performance of the discrete circuit in 10.5GHz/24GHz bandwidth.” IUPLUS’s radar technologies are therefore innovative in many respects. Using three radars, for example, can effectively monitor any intrusion or movement even behind a wall, and also can print video images.
The company’s 13 patents are the very results of this accumulated know-how and experience of experts in the field, and CEO Choi and his teams are determined to open new frontiers of the nation’s radar industry.

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