Air Purifying Sterilizer


[INQ. NO. 2303E12] Since its establishment in 2005, Cleanbio has been researched various eco-friendly products and has consistently been strived to make products that are safe and
secure for customers.
Cleanbio is selling products to various public facilities and multi-use facilities through know-how and distribution networks gained through long experience.
Air-Fit, an air purifying sterilizer developed by Cleanbio, sterilizes various bacteria and viruses as well as fine dust in the air.
Aimed at unveiling various types of advanced air purifying sterilizers in KIMES 2023 A spokesperson from the company explained “Socially, infectious diseases caused by viruses such as swine flu, SARS, and MERS as new infectious diseases have become a social problem even before the COVID-19 pandemic, and these viruses cannot be removed with the filter method of existing air purifiers. Our purpose of participating in this KIMES 2023 is to protect human health by distributing air purifying sterilizers (Air-Fit series) that can sterilize and purify air.”
Ultimately, Cleanbio intends to discover new potential customers, establish a brand strategy through new product exhibitions, and discover the right buyers through exhibitions. It also aims to publicize the product awareness through exhibitions. Air-Fit air purifying sterilizer is a sterilizer with photocatalyst-filter convergence applied using UV-C LED with excellent sterilization ability and photocatalyst TiO2 using plasmon technology, and is a product with excellent indoor air purification ability.

This product received the patented technology from the Korea Photonics Technology Institute (KOPTI) and it is a product to which the patented technology is applied, which solves the problem of maintenance cost of general sterilizers.
It was selected as an innovative product by the Public Procurement Service (PPS) in 2022. There is export performance to Japan in 2020. In March of this year, a Japanese buyer is supposed to visit the company for additional export consultation.
Cleanbio is continuously attracting 36 overseas buyers and is planning to increase exports to Southeast Asia and around the world.

Cleanbio recently announced that it will continue to develop and distribute sterilization-related products such as high-performance large-scale air purifying sterilizers, harmful gas removal devices, and book sterilizers.

Cleanbio recently
announced that it will

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