Innovative Treatment Device

[INQ. NO. 2303E11] WINBACK GO EAST recently announced that it would unveil its new product ‘BACK4’ at KIMES 2023, which will introduce a new treatment paradigm that has not been seen before in the medical device market. WINBACK GO EAST introduced a new paradigm called ‘TECAR THERAPY’ through equipment called BACK 3SE, which enables effective pain-free treatment with a non-invasive treatment method, and it thus provided innovative treatment solutions.
BACK4 combines high frequency (TECAR, 300-500-1000kHz), mid-frequency (Hi-EMS, 2-5-25Hz), and low frequency (Hi-TENS, 1.5-4kHz) to implement various and effective treatments depending on the purpose. It is thus called an innovative treatment device.

Various accessories form part of the company’s differentiated technologies such as the patented ‘bracelet-type electrode,’ and the ‘blade kit for myofascial release,’ which enable therapists to combine energy with their own manual therapy techniques. A spokesperson for the company remarked that these differentiated
technologies have been further developed. Even during the time of COVID-19, it was possible to receive real-time feedback from users at home and abroad through WINBACK’s self-developed global education platform, and the technology of BACK4 will be unveiled at KIMES 2023. It has been reborn as a product that provides user convenience, as well as ensuring pleasurable treatment

The secret of WINBACK’s success comes from its technical ability to create innovations dedicated to facilitating and enhancing the work of therapists and health professionals. Created in partnership with experts, WINBACK’s
technologies improve therapeutic treatments for rapid, effective, and lasting results.
The president of the company explained “WINBACK’s treatment has the world’s highest level of safety in the high-frequency range. This has contributed to continuous growth in the global medical device market. We pursue
development of both our company and society by developing next-generation medical technology.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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