Smart Digital Joint Angle Measurement System


[INQ. NO. 2303E10] HALO (Digital Goniometer System) to be presented at KIMES 2023 is a smart digital joint angle measurement system. HALO can simultaneously digitally measure the angle and tilt of a joint. It is designed as a circle hand type that allows easy measurement with one hand. It has high-durability and high-resistance against shock.
Real-time measurement results are displayed on the LCD screen,
making it easy to check the results. Using a belt strap, each joint’s
Rotation of Movement (ROM) can be measured. Its main users are
physical therapists, healthcare health managers, senior care professionals, fitness experts, and researchers — and it can also be applied as a rehabilitation training and clinical system.
A spokesperson for MDK explained, “The continuous increase in rehabilitation patients and the development of a system that can easily measure the state of recovery of the body has become the starting point for the development of HALO, and it can easily measure the body joint angles and movement angles (ROM) digitally.”

MDK focuses on the medical and healthcare divisions, and is concentrating on the smart wearable system distribution business. With the supply of the portable non-invasive cardiac output monitoring
system ‘PhysioFlow’ and intramuscular oxygen saturation monitoring system ‘MOXY,’ it is also advancing into the domestic sports science research field.

In the field of smart healthcare MDK is working with GETT and ACL to develop a keyboard and mouse business that can block virus and bacterial infections, for the first time in Korea

MDK aims to become a global company by continuously growing as the largest smart healthcare company in Korea. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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