Ventilation System


[INQ. NO. 2304E01] Unlike other existing air purifiers, which are inadequate for removing carbon dioxide and droplet concentration, the ventilation system developed by Himpel Co., Ltd. works on the principle that indoor pollutants are discharged to the outside, while outside air is introduced into the room through a filter system.
Even with the windows closed, ventilation that is similar to the level of natural ventilation is possible. Moreover, air quality can be provided to each room with only one diffuser, and filter management is also a simple process, so you can practice ventilation more easily and efficiently.
As a leading supplier of ventilation systems in Korea, Himpel provides customized ventilation systems for people’s different lifestyles. Breaking away from the existing ceiling types, Himpel diversified its product lines to include standing, window-mounted, and cassette types. The built-in high-performance filter system not only removes ultrafine dusts, various odors, and harmful gases, but also has a 99% virus sterilization function — thus enabling a higher level of indoor air hygiene.

Eco-friendly product featuring heat-recovery technology
Himpel’s ventilation system is an eco-friendly product featuring heat-recovery technology that reduces energy-loss from cooling and heating during ventilation. It can recover more than 71% of heating energy in winter, and more than 52% of cooling energy in summer, and users can thus save up to KRW one million per year than natural ventilation. As these days when heating costs are constantly rising, it is the perfect alternative for an economical ventilation.
Now, ventilation not only circulates air, but also saves energy, and allows people to enjoy a healthful daily life.
A spokesperson for the company explained, “With the ventilation system, fresh air is possible without opening a window; and 99.97% of the fine dust in the coming spring can be removed. People are advised to check their aging filters and products according to the replacement cycle as many houses have ventilation systems already installed due to the mandatory installation regulations from 2006.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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