Korean Exports Aiming to Enhance Their GlobalMarket Share



South Korea’s export slump continued in March. The trade deficit accumulated through March 20 this year was US$24.1 billion. This is 50.4% of last year’s trade deficit (US$47.8 billion), which was the largest on an annual basis.
The sluggish exports are expected to continue throughout the first half of this year. A government official said, “Export conditions will continue to be difficult for the time being due to the impact of the global economy and falling semiconductor prices.”
Korean promising exporters from the existing global export leaders to export beginners in various areas, under tough conditions for exports, are creatively knocking on
the doors of promising global markets

An artificial intelligence (AI) startup, Wayne Hills Bryant A.I, which has introduced more advanced video generation AI technology and related solutions at CES 2023, the world’s largest home appliance and IT exhibition, is strengthening its position in the global market by bolstering its Text To Video (TTV), and Speech To Video (STV) Video) services.
Intertec, established in 1999 as a company that possesses core technology for home appliances, is actively pioneering global markets, with its advanced tankless bidet KLLOM, a direct water-type instantaneous heating bidet that cleans the washing areas in bathrooms with warm water, without using tissue paper, and then dries it with warm wind.
CUCKOO Electronics is expanding its product lineups in various fields to include induction ranges, air fryers,
other small kitchen & home cafe appliances, and pet appliances.
CUCKOO Homesys continues to strengthen its position as a comprehensive appliance company with
international branches in various countries, including Malaysia, Brunei, and India

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